Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Been busy lately…

My life has been a little complex lately. I've gone back to school to learn the mystical and esoteric art of computer programming. On top of that, work has been rather hectic as every contractor and homeowner in the state of Wisconsin is calling in to get their last minute locate requests in before winter sets in. As a result of the combination of classwork and actual work, I'm dragging my rear-end home each night wanting nothing more than to rest in arms of Orpheus... NO, NOT LAURENCE FISHBURNE! Therefore, blogging has been a bit slow lately. A few Savage Worlds issues of note:

  • I think I've got a pretty good handle of how to handle my Tékumel magic system. I had a chance to peruse the Fantasy Companion and they used Hellfrost's settings magical system that parses out Powers depending on their particular faith. I'd like to pick up the FC, but money has been really tight the last month. Then I just need to time to write it up.
  • I've finally had a chance to run The Day After Ragnarok for my gaming group. I confess I wasn't very good at dreaming up a appropriate scenario. I had my PC's wandering the wilds of post-Serpentfall Wisconsin, fighting former German POW pirates lead by a serpent-worshiping SS mage. Then I had them railroaded to Milwaukee playing troubleshooter to the local dictator. Normally, I'm not really big on pre-published adventures, but it would have been nice DAR had a few so I wouldn't burn myself out trying to come up with material. I put the game on indefinite hold while my friend runs Dark Heresy. I think I prefer playing games rather than running them.

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