Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Savage Star Frontiers

I got into this weird, wild, hobby when I was 12-years-old. One Christmas, an out of state uncle sent me a $25 gift certificate for Toy R' Us. My father turned me loose at the Brookfield, WI. store where I picked up a gyroscope and a box of pre-made microscope slides featuring insect parts. I was passing the bargain sale bin when I saw it: a copy of TSR's Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn boxed set! It was only 12 bucks, the concept of a science fiction game was intriguing, and Larry Elmore's cover art was sooooo cool! I was sold then and there.

Much to my stuck-up parents and fundamentalist Christian relative's dismay, Star Frontiers had started me down the dark path of role-playing and forever it dominated my destiny. While I have since played dozens of systems, Star Frontiers will forever have a special place in my heart.

You can find several Star Frontiers/Savage Worlds conversion available online, including:

Thanks to Richard McLean for tracking down the Shark Nibbles' article for me.


Richard McLean said...

The Savage Worlds Community Saved the Shark Bytes Magazines at the Savagepedia.

Art Apgar said...

I just found the game "The Original Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn" in a box out in my garage. Is there only suppose to be one blue thing with numbers on it?
I don't play game much at all as I near 60.