Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ave Caesar! Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter is underway.

Sound the trumpets! Send messengers to the four corners of the Imperium! The Kickstarter for Weird Wars: Rome is underway!

As can be expected from Pinnacle, they doubled their goal in less than 24 hours. Digital add-ons will be awarded to backers as they are reached, and since the book is more-or-less done, the PDF will be available as soon as the campaign is over with the print release scheduled to drop around Saturnalia... I mean, Christmas.

This actually comes at an opportune time as I have recently read some of Richard Tierney's Simon Magus stories and I'm on a bit of a historical horror kick right now. While it will most likely be set in the Weird Wars universe, I'm pretty sure that the rules can easily be ported out to work with Realms of Cthulhu. I've got a couple of contubernia of plastic legionaries from Warlord that I'm painting up now that should do quite nicely for this.

Tis a prize that's more than worth a few sestertii.

(This is turning into the all Savage Worlds crowdsourcing blog, isn't it? Well, that should be changing soon enough.)

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Sewicked said...

Wait, did I play this one? I played somebody's mythic Rome game; it was all in a big binder. If this is the same one, that would be great.